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The Perfect Picnic

It was a beautiful afternoon. The bright blue sky was free of clouds, but a crisp breeze kept the air pleasant. The park was surprising empty that day and he was thrilled to be finding a parking spot so easily. He pulled the car in quickly in anticipation. After planning this day meticulously he was ready to have fun.

“So this is where we’re eating.” his wife said.

“Yeah. Thought you’d appreciate the surprise.” he said.

She smiled as they exited the car and skipped across the grass like a couple of children. The smell of the outdoors was invograting, the fresh grass, the scent of pine from the trees, and the aroma of blossoming flowers. They found a spot in the middle of the park to spread their blanket.

“I can’t remember the last time I went on a picnic.” she said.

“You know, I can’t either.” he responded.

The picnic was relaxing and enjoyable. They felt like young lovers again going off for a romantic date. When they were finished they layed down on the blanket and looked up at the sky.

“This was nice. And surprising.” she said.

“How so?”

“Usually your romantic dates involve sex. Unless of course you were thinking about taking me in the middle of the park.”

“Do you want me to?”

“You aren’t serious.”

He laughed. He had no intention of taking her in the park, but wanted to tease her.

“You sound a little dissapointed.” he said.


“That I didn’t plan some sort of sexy surprise.”


“Well are you?”

She laughed. He knew it would be difficult to get her to admit it outright, but she was dissapointed. Her mind was geared up for sex.

“I bet you have some hot underwear on underneath that skirt.” he said. “You always get dressed when you think I’m going to seduce you.”

She smiled and stood up and walked so she was standing directly over him. He gazed up and was shocked to see that his wife wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. She spread her legs and gave him a good view before moving quickly out of the way.

“It’s too bad. There’s nobody around, but you know somebody will come in right at the wrong time.” he said.

She laughed again.

“Well it’s something to think about for the ride home.” she said. “Although I can tell you’re already thinking about it.”

She stared at the bulge growing in his pants.

“Thanks for the picnic. I’ll make sure to return the favor.” she said.

And he couldn’t wait to get home.


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